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Aug 30

Written by: deb
8/30/2014 5:38 PM  RssIcon

Character building is a daily job and what better way to help build character than to have students recognize each other for some of the "random acts of kindness" that they show to each other?

I had a GREAT THINGS! Character bulletin board in my classroom. Below the board was a stack of cards for writing a special note to a student who did something kind. A student would jot the note and I would take the time before a recess to read these aloud. Then the note was hung up on our bulletin board for a week.

Some notes that my students wrote....

Jose helped me pick up my crayons.
Samantha said she liked my dress.
Patrick played tag with me today.

Just about any nice comment was welcomed by me! The kids loved to hear the positive comments and became more aware of doing nice things for others.

Here is a Great Things! page you can use for your students.

Happy Teaching!

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