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Oct 16

Written by: deb
10/16/2014 8:51 AM  RssIcon

Even though I hosted a fall party each year, I always tried to incorporate some learning/review into the party time. This is a painless and fun way to do it!

Don't Eat Spidey!  DIRECTIONS FOR PLAY....

Game board

This game can actually be adapted into any grade level. Use questions  such as math problems, spelling words, phonetic sounds, history or science questions. Read the directions for how to use this game in a classroom party setting.

Each group can be playing this game....or you can have the students rotate from activity to activity. I had tables with coloring contests, pumpkin decorating (paper not real), bean tossing, and others. Parent volunteers are absolutely a must with this kind of party of course! I put my questions into small brown bags and made sure each question also has the answer with it...just in case! (Especially in higher grades.)

Happy Teaching!

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