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Apr 23

Written by: deb
4/23/2015 11:08 AM  RssIcon

Sometimes things "stick" better if there is a jingle or little song to help us remember. That is probably why we walk around with commercial jingles in our heads! If you can make up a little jingle for something that you teach, it just might be the key for your students to remember it!

Here is one example. My students had a hard time remembering the difference between vertical, horizontal, and oblique lines. So one day, I asked the students to all stand up. I had them sing with me and do exactly what I did. This worked!

We sang...  "I am vertical, I am vertical, see me stand, see me stand." We stood straight and tall with our arms straight up.

We sang...  "I am oblique, I am oblique, see me lean, see me lean." We stood and then tipped to the side.

We sang...  "I am horizontal, I am horizontal, see me sleep, see me sleep." We all dropped to the floor and "napped" on our backs.

The kids loved the activity and singing and the next day when I drew the lines on the board, most everyone remembered which line was vertical, oblique, or horizontal.

The students liked the fun approach and so did I.

Happy Teaching!

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