Tuesday, July 23, 2019

School Orders on Purchase Orders

For Purchase Orders:

Schools receive a discount when ordering via a P.O.
Please see the see the cost sheet located on this page.

Each teacher must have his/her own account.

TERMS OF USE: EC materials may be printed for use by one teacher, for his/her classroom only, during the subscription year. Once the subscription has expired, EC materials must not be used.

To order, you must have a signed and dated PO with the following information:

School name and address
Billing office and address
Signed by authorized person

Either on the PO or on a separate page (or via an email sent to support@educationcrations.com) please include the first name, last name for each teacher and the teacher's email address. All communication for logins is sent via email. Please be sure your school will accept emails from support@educationcreations.com AND orders@educationcreations.com. There is also a downloadable PDF that you can use for listing the teachers.

Send the purchase order via email to support@educationcreations.com or fax it to 

If you need further information please call 480-688-2340.

Thank you!

For more information on pricing and placing an order, please click below.

COST SHEET for school orders    Modest Price increase on February 1, 2017

Order Form for teacher's names and email addresses for fax orders
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